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High School Math Tutor
If you are searching for a HIGH SCHOOL MATH TUTOR, then this is the right time!
ABOUT ME I am a Mathematician with many years of experience in tutoring Mathematics for Grades 9-12. I have a Masters degree with distinction in Mathematics. Due to my passion for learning and my desire for ALL students to succeed in math – I've spent hundreds of hours developing a customized in-home study program to help students prepare. I make sure that every family can afford a professional tutor so my rates are affordable and reasonable.
SERVICE: I offer one on one and small group (2-3 students) tutoring service. Lesson lasts 2 hours.
- MPM1D (grade 9) (Principles of Mathematics Academic)
- MPM2D (grade 10) (Principles of Mathematics Academic)
- MCR3U (grade 11) (Functions)
- MDM4U (Mathematics of Data Management)
- MHF4U (Advanced Function)
- MCV4U (Calculus and Vector)