Income Tax и Финансы и страховка в Торонто
Member of The Association of Tax & Accounting Professionals (ATAP)
Получили письмо из Canada Revenue Agency и не знаете, что делать? Звоните.
Налоговые декларации: корпорации, бизнес, персональные
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Tax By CPA Professional Corporation
- Corporate and Personal Income Tax
- Financial Statements compilations, audits, reviews
- Sales tax / Audit defense
- Opening and closing of business
- Tax planning, financial advice by certified CPA with 16 ye...
Профессиональная подготовка налоговых отчетов.
* Personal Taxes / Small Business Taxes
* Business registration
* Tax Planning Tips
* Insurance
* Private Consultations
Located in North York and Downtown:
- TAX RETURNS for CORPORATIONS, Employed & Self-employed, Tax planning;
- Bookkeeping using QuickBooks and PCLaw, HST & Payroll accounting & remittances;
- Services for Real estate owners, truck drivers, sub-con...
Personal and Corporate INCOME TAX reporting and planning,
Accounting and bookkeeping ; HST and payroll reporting
QUICKBOOKS and SIMPLY ACCOUNTING set up and support.

Hалоговые отчёты и бухгалтерия; инсталяция и сопровождение
QuickBooks and Simp...
Быстро. Качественно. Надежно!
Income Tax: Personal, Self-employed, Corporation
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Полное бухгалтерское обслуживание в течение года, отличные цены
Профессиональный бухгалтер с большим опытом работы в Канаде
*Free consultation over the phone!
• Personal and Corporate Tax
• Business Incorporation
• Payroll, T4, GST/HST Filing/Registration, IFTA, HUT

*Бесплатная консультация по телефону!
• Налоговый отчет по личным/бизнес доходам
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Knowledgeable, Professional and Affordable Tax and accounting Services for Corporations, Self–Employed and Individuals. Computerized full cycle bookkeeping, HST/Payroll/WSIB / EHT/ T4/T5018/T4A. We will ensure that you are taking advantage of all ...

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