1. In the entire forum, swearing is prohibited (even in quotes, with the exception of extremely rare cases when you cannot throw out a word from a song; however, whether it was possible to throw out a word from a song - in each case is determined by the moderator or administrator), the manifestation of abuse and insults is also not welcomed. Violators will be denied access to the forum without further warning. This forum is for friendly and benevolent communication. If you are not used to communicating this way, this is not the place for you.

2. In the event of rudeness, disrespect, or going personal in a dispute, the moderator or administrator has the right to deprive you for some time (or forever, depending on the severity of the offense) of the right to publish messages, and close the topic in which such a situation arose or the topic may simply be deleted ... As a rule, the first time the moderator (administrator) is limited to a warning. On the second violation, you may be denied access to the forum. However, the administration understands that everyone has the right to make mistakes, so even if you have been denied access to the forum for good, you can confess to the administrator, and you will be pardoned, if possible.

3. Any advertising, including advertising of Internet projects (with the exception of sites related to, is strictly prohibited. Such messages are immediately removed, and violators are posted from the forum (if the advertisement is obvious and shameless).

4. Opening the topic reserves the right and has the ability to delete any messages from his topic.

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