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Job Search Tips
July 19, 2012

Plan and Organize Your Job Search. Taking a few minutes to make a list of everything you're going to do is a great way to get your job hunt off to a good start. Take advantage of the free tools available to help you plan and manage your job search.
Build a Great Résumé. Your résumé needs to be professional and polished. Be sure your contact information is easy to find and is accurate.
create a Personal Cover Letter. A well-written cover letter with the right information will make a good first impression.
select Job Search Websites. Don't post your résumé or look for jobs on every job search website under the sun. Instead, speed up your search by focusing on the job search engines or sites for your specific industry or career field, or jobs in a city and region where you want to work.
Use Your Words. When you're searching for jobs online, it is important for you to type in the best criteria (search words) to make your searches the most relevant to retrieve your target jobs.
Network Your Way to a New Job. Career networking should be a part of your daily job search routine. It doesn't take long to send an email or a LinkedIn or Facebook message just to say hello and to mention that you're job searching.
To learn more about effective job search you are welcome to visit the Thornhill Employment Hub. Assistance in Russian is available.
Are You a Job Seeker? We provide at no cost:
• A supportive, encouraging and productive environment
• Personalized job search strategies and action planning
• One-on-one coaching in goal setting and achieving objectives
• Experienced job consultants and developers-dedicated to your success
• Access to all tools for job search purposes
• Effective workshops to build your confidence and provide the skills required for an effective job search
• Ongoing mentoring and support for job transition and retention
• Individual guidance in overcoming barriers to employment
Are You an Employer? We provide at no cost:
• A dedicated team of job developers and advisors to recruit and place the right candidate matched to your specific needs
• Qualified and motivated job ready candidates in one location
• Collaboration on job fairs
• Job postings to an audience of diverse clients and associated employment service
• Access to programs and services available through Employment Ontario

Thornhill Employment Hub
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