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Sail la Vie приглашает вас в круизы по островам Карибского бассейна
September 1, 2021
Itinerary (subject to all local Covid regulations):

01-16 November, Deltaville, Virginia – Miami, Florida
From the Capital of Boating of the Chesapeake Bay to one of the world's most famous destinations, this will be the trip to open our journey through the winter.

16 - 23 November, Miami, Florida – Bimini, Bahamas
This leg is all about yet another capital - Bimini - the Sport Fishing Capital of the world. join us and all the fish as we progress deeper into the universe of the Caribbean.

25 November – 2 December, Bimini, Bahamas - Mayaguana, Bahamas
If you want to escape crowds, this leg of the cruise is for you. Mayaguana is almost uninhibited, calm, and blue.

4 - 18 December, Mayaguana, Bahamas – Turks and Caicos Islands
From peacefulness into the thick of it - luxury resorts, shops and restaurants, incredible scuba-diving sites and rich cultural life. Sounds like fun? This is your leg!

18 December - 3 January, Turks, and Caicos Islands
This place is so ecstatic, we decided to stay longer and greet the New Year here. join us for the party of the year!

6 - 13 January, Turks and Caicos Islands – Dominican Republic
This leg is for those that seek action and refuse to stop the party! Come along with us from smaller islands to the grand land of the Dominican.

18 - 25 January, Puerto Rico and Spanish Islands
If you Google something that has an answer like Thirteen Best Spanish Islands (omg, how many are there? Is there the Worst one?), you know you want to be there!

27 January - 03 February, US Virgin Islands
The first time Christopher Columbus saw this scattered land of ocean magic, he called it the Virgin Islands because its beauty was so overwhelming, it was worth naming it after thousands of saintly women. Let's find out why.

04 - 18 February, British Virgin Islands
British were one of the most powerful nautical nations in history. Christopher Columbus didn't know it at the time. Oh well... join us and explore.

20 February - 20 March, Anguilla – St Maarten – St Barths
What can we say, we like it here - civilization one day and complete solitude the next. The extravagance of culture can be matched with the raw wilderness of a beach no one visited.

23 March - 01 April, Antigua
Vibrant, sandy, full of coral reefs. What not to like? We are ready to welcome you as we snorkel around.

03 - 10 April, Guadeloupe
Time to indulge in finer things. Photographer's dream, nature parks, and world-famous Jacques Cousteau's Underwater Reserve

11 - 18 April, Martinique
Have we mentioned the dolphins yet? No? Sorry about that. There will be lots and lots of dolphins. There are also over 400 cafés and restaurants on the island.

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